Customized Facial Treatment + Eye Treatment with Le Queenz

18 June 2018

Self-care is a divine responsibility 

- All pictures during the procedure are un-filtered and un-edited
- This is solely based on my personal experience as a first-time customer 

HOLA friends. So recently, you must have seen my Instagram stories about a painless facial treatment I went for. I adore facials as it's very important to clear our clogged pores caused by makeup, sweat, oil and dead skin cells. Can you also imagine how much bacteria are on our face because of all the sponges, brushes and "clean" hands exposed to our faces everyday? Getting all these gunk off from our faces allows our skin to breathe better! Moreover, facial provides us with the adequate hydration our skin cries for! So, I'm going to tell you more about it just so that you could have this Customized Facial Treatment Massage + Eye Treatment ONLY AT $50 NETT (U.P $200). No hidden costs, no hard-selling and no disappointments.  

First, here are some things you should know about Le Queenz:

1) They are located at Fortune Centre. Do not get confused as they were previously located at Tanjong Pagar
2) They also provide Eyebrow Embroidery services 
3) Germany’s No.1 Skincare Babor products are used in their sessions 
4) Their extractions are PAINLESS

Below are the steps of their 90 minutes facial (also suitable for sensitive skin):

Step 1 Removal of Makeup using Milk Cleanser

I already felt like sleeping within the first three minutes when her gentle hands touched my face 😂

Step 2 Double cleanse using Foam Cleanser

Oh, this was SO gentle for the skin! I absolutely love foam as it is great for oily and acne-prone skin types (mine's quite oily) since they are meant to deep cleanse the skin by getting rid of excess oil and sebum, as well as work to uproot any debris stuck in your pores, helping to keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Step 3 Enzyme peeling to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin

This helps to prepare the skin for the extraction and dissolves any impurities on your skin.

Step 4 Using an equipment to gently remove impurities from the skin + blackheads extraction

This really won my heart! I was mentally preparing myself for the pain (I have low tolerance!) but this was done in a jiffy and I was like "are you guys going to do the extraction?" and the beautician, Elaine, laughed and said, "yes it is done". I was pretty shocked because I never thought extraction could be this soothing and calming?! She then showed me the impurities she got from the machine. Goodness me, it was really obvious in real-life (the white stuff).

Step 5 Usage of Babor’s beauty ampoule (Elaine used an Oxygen Plus ampoule on me)

I almost slept off here as she massaged that ampoule into my skin! She chose this one for me as my skin looked dull and uneven. Oxygens fluids are great for stressed skin and give off a more radiant looking and revitalized skin!

Step 6 Face and Eye Massage

Totally slept of here. I love eye massages as it really removes all the under-eye puffiness and eye circles due to the blood-circulation activated by the massage. It also reduces eye-fatigue! It also weirdly makes my eyes feel more refreshed and moist. Being a daily contact lens user, dry eyes is definitely my issue.

Step 7 Application of customized mask (Elaine customized the mask mix according to my skin condition)

Do I even have to describe the feeling of something brushing on your skin? Heavenly...

Step 8 Basic Care to complete the treatment 

Final thoughts:

No pain, no pinch marks, redness, scars and squeeze marks. I did not have to "hide" my face by wearing shades and run home as well! - Yes, I do that after most facial sessions. My face was definitely more radiant, brighter and looked healthy! It was so soft and supple as well! Suddenly, it looked like I had the best make-up skills when I applied my foundation and base make-up, LOL. Yay to brighter and radiant skin! Check it out for only $50 when you mention my name! Go be beautiful!

190 Middle Road
#02-11, Fortune Centre, S188979 

Tel: 6244 0228 / 8533 2336
Fax: 6244 0241


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