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22 March 2018

Heyya! Back from a long hiatus from blogging because I have been pre-occupied with many things and events lately! But I guess that is not a valid excuse after all... Anyway, I am going to share with you something that I have tried recently! 

Belly dancing has always attracted me and since I was young. You know, those sexy girls, shiny bras, shimmy shimmies on the waists and Shakira hips. 

I am so glad that I came across Desert Roses! They even have a FREE TRIAL (which I went for) for you people who are unsure about taking up this class/skill. Even though you might have a rigid body, or might be a newbie to dance, fret not. The instructor, Dan Dan, will make you feel extremely welcomed and loved! I was also shocked to find out how much belly dancing could help in losing weight, toning and building muscles.

Desert Roses is conveniently located near Chinatown MRT. Before going to their classes, they will actually SMS you the exact location and guide you through a series of directions (efficient much)! Their studio is on the third level. Pretty accessible. I am going to explain more about the class with visuals... so enjoy!

This is the first thing you see as you enter their studio

I really loved the ambiance of the studio - bright, well-lit, aesthetic and spacious

For trials, they would provide a crop top, skirt and hip scarf. It was surely comfortable and secretly wished they told me to keep it 🤣

We started off with some stretching after changing and hydrating ourselves

READY to be a fitspo! *laughs*

Her stretching got my jaws dropping!

Dan Dan came to us one by one making sure to correct our postures and techniques during stretching and during the dance itself!

Fun fun fun

 Isn't she good?!

And.. we are done! I was perspiring by the end of the class and it really felt good. Never thought that belly dancing would be this tiring! It was fun though! Music was good, the class size was just perfect and the ambiance along with Dan Dan made me feel so comfortable baring my belly (belly..literally) and shaking to the beats I had fun listening to!

Desert Roses also have other elements of fun like dance, ballet, makeup, and yoga. You should try! It is free anyway!


For more information:

Upper Cross Dance Studio - 22B Upper Cross Street, Singapore, 058334
Temple Yoga Studio - 49B Temple Street, Singapore, 058594

Telephone: 97523028 (For a free trial class, please book through WhatsApp/SMS)


Facebook: Desert Roses Yoga Dance 新加坡沙漠玫瑰舞蹈瑜伽


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