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4 December 2017


The past month was pretty hectic due to finals and commitments with friends, family, and work. I was also busy falling sick every other day! Two weeks before my finals, I was down with tonsillitis. It was such a horrible experience. I felt as though someone was strangling me 24/7. This was also paired with fever, cough, and flu that lasted a week. That was not the worst... here comes the worst... ALLERGY. So, I never had any allergies since I was young. And this time, probably the mixture of all the medicines caused me to have a really bad allergic reaction. My face, arms and neck (even head) were filled with tiny little bumps that were red! It was the biggest nightmare of my life. It looked like those tiny white pimples and I swear I freaked out. I tried all sorts of methods to "cool my face" down and thankfully it was gone 2 days before finals. 

Studying was really hard during that period as all I wanted to do is to curl myself up in a blanket because of my fever and painful throat/ears and body. I was freaking out because these were modules I had no interest in (basic year 1 modules). Can you imagine my situation... I am glad it is all over though! Hopefully, I can pass 3 out of 4 of my papers. The last one was just...bad... It was History. I probably flunked that. But I hope that the bell curve (if there is) would do some magic *fingers crossed*.

Anyway, some highlights:

Shoots: I recently did a creative shoot. It was my first time and indeed VERY interesting. Being someone who isn't so expressive (in terms of facial expressions) I struggled a little but the end results were amazing! I cannot wait to receive the pictures! My face was also painted in different ways and I am glad I could choose those patterns. Funny thing, I actually dozed off when the make up artist was brushing my face with face paint! It was SO therapeutic! Also did a shoot for Angakara again and this time it was fun because it was studio-based (so no sweating and walking around in heels) and the theme was pretty cool! It was more of a "sultry" feel (Okay not exactly but I can't find a better word to describe it). It was new to me and I loved it. Red lights and dimmed whites... it was fun! Another shoot was for V2 and it was nice being in Sarees. I was and is never the kind of saree girl, so having a shoot with it was really a different feel. I really admire women who dorn those almost every day. I really struggled..

Winter Wonderland: Headed to Gardens by the Bay for the second Winter Wonderland and this time, Aarul and I went on the second day! So, the crowd was definitely much better as compared to last year where we could barely walk! We also realized that the prices in terms of food, ticketing (carnival games, ice-skating and circus) were relatively cheaper and more affordable. Last year's prices were insane. The circus was pretty amazing (only $12). I also got picked out randomly to go up to the stage. It was so embarrassing but definitely a good experience! I would advise those who wants to go to bring a mat! You could have a nice meal on a grass patch with fairy lights and choir. Oh yes, also, Aarul won me a bunny! It was damn cute. It was just like the jelly cat.

Birthday: Extremely thankful to my friends and family for making my 21st yet another amazing one x

Anyways, some people have identified my thrifty habbits (even though I splurge a lot on my cheat days) so I am just going to mention some tips that have helped me!


1) Restock during sales - I am basically a queen in this. So whenever there is a Sephora, Guardian/Watsons or any kind of essential sale, I would buy whatever I need, be it make-up, skin care products or shampoos/personal stuffs. Even if I still can use my existing product for another month, I will still do restocks. As you know, Sephora sales don't come in often! Even when Sand and Sky had their Cyber Monday sales, I bought my second bottle (when I was not done with the first one)! So yes..RESTOCK!

2) External platforms - Instead of buying your clothes/shoes on the main website of the brand's, try using external sources like Zalora//Deja/ Ezbuy/Lazada/Carousell etc to find what you need. Sometimes you find the same item at a cheaper price because of the discounts these platforms ALWAYS offer. Or else, you could find similar pieces at way cheaper prices.  For instance, instead of buying my make up remover from Innisfree itself, I would purchase it on Ezbuy for half the price (of course you gotta scout for reliable sellers who sell them in its authentic form).

3) Buy your basics from fleas - I am not someone who likes to wear basics so if I have to purchase them, I always get them at reputable flea markets which offer brand new items! Prices are way affordable for sure.

4) Sign up - Before you shop online, always sign up to their newsletters. Most of the time, there is always a "10%-20%" off your purchases promotion! Why not! (*coughs* who says you can't have more than one e-mail *coughs*).

Hope this helps! Till next time!
XOXO, Aish

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