50 facts

23 October 2017

1) Aish is my nickname, my full name is Aishwarya

2) I have a very slight lisp with the word 'S' and it use to be worst during my primary school days

3) I cannot stand the sound of slurps (especially when it comes to noodles)

4) I get choosy and picky about my food most of the time

5) One very bad habit of mine - I always like to have my nails painted (gelish)

6) I usually work under pressure

7) I do not wear t-shirts (at all) unless required

8) I only bought 3 pairs of jeans in my life and ended up selling 2 out of the 3 within a month

9) I have no self-discipline when it comes to exercise and healthy dieting

10) Another bad habit which I am improving on - I do not wear the same clothes for more than 4 times unless it is my ultimate favourite

11) The first impression of me that people usually have: "you sound Chinese"

12) My sibling and I have an age gap of 7 years - I believe I am an accidental child

13) I have a belly and a nose piercing

14) The only shoes I wear besides sports shoes are Supergas' (white only)

15) I used to have extremely curly hair until the end of primary school

16) I do not have favourites (eg: favourite colour, food, drink, etc)

17) My first relationship happened when I was 13 (oh god)

18) I am currently attached to someone my age and I have never been happier x

19) I put on face masks every Wednesday and Sunday

20) I wash my hair every alternate day

21) I cannot sleep without a shower

22) I used to be in civil defence/council for 5 years in secondary school (yes I have no idea how I went through the rigid life with countless amounts of punishments/pushups/drills/marching) But I enjoyed it

23) I took up choir and contemporary dance in primary school

24) I was part of the cheerleading team in Temasek Poly but had to give it up due to some temporary medical issue

25) I have ever fallen into epilepsy (without fits) for 5 minutes

26) When I was in secondary 1, I broke my arm because I was dancing around my house
27) I had braces on for 1.5 years before

28) I always wear on my bindi (regardless of western or Indian outfit) because I am comfortable with that look

29) I am a full- time student at Singapore University of Social Science

30) I have multiple part-time jobs -- education related (my friends call me homeless)

31) I only drink my liquids with a straw

32) I enjoy teaching (which explains my course)

33) I am an undergrad majoring in Early Childhood Education

34) When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet

35) My dreams were crushed as my hate for reptiles increased over the years (especially the LIZARD family ugh)

36) I always must have earrings on when I'm out

37) I use to cafe hop 4 times a week

38) I own a kitty! And her name is Kitty!

39) I do not have perfect eyesight which explains my usage of contact lens

40) I hate it when people touch/ smack my head or face

41) I used to be from St.Hildas Secondary School and nope it is not a girl's school

42) I dislike it when people drag their feets obviously

43) I do not wear watches because I feel it does not suit my style/look

44) I do not have a birthmark

45) When I like a particular music, I hear it repetitively until I get sick of it

46) I only eat fried/steamed vegetables. I do not like fresh ones (those you can find in salads)

47) A lot of people remember my birthday as 7-11 because it falls on the 7th of Nov

48) Apart from my family, I am extremely close to my boyfriend's family which explains why I  always stay over at his place on the weekends

49) A country I would always want to go back to would be Australia

50) I hate salmon

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