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12 October 2017

Finally back to the blogging life. 

I guess the last time I blogged was through Wordpress & Tumblr. You know.. that sappy and maudlin stuff with ridiculous pictures/emoticons... Gone were the days! But here I am back on this new platform. I actually bought a template and customized it just so that it will FORBID me from leaving this site hanging. I hope it works! Thought that this would be a great start for me to share my thoughts and opinions, record it as my personal (not-so-personal) journal and allow me to reflect on the many moments or events in my life.

Just a summary of some of the major events in 2017 - 

1) Trip to Goldcoast with Aarul
2) Diploma Graduation 
3) University life A.K.A adulting
4) A major change of school environment and curriculum
5) Getting used to the fact that I barely see Aarul 
6) Increase in fun collaborations and photoshoots with business platforms/ fashion brands/ boutiques

It's been a hella year. Can't wait to share more in my next few posts! <3


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